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Validation Types

Files and Formats


The Validator RCAAP allows the association of certain validation profiles for certain platforms, meeting the specific features of each. Thus, these platforms are considered: DSpace, OJS, Eprints, or any other with a generic OAI-PMH interface.

Set Selection

For each resource you can validate only a certain Set. This way, you can validate a community or repository collection based on a certain validation profile such as theses and dissertations. In the case of Open Journal System, you can validate a particular section of the journal.

Validation Types

Each validation profile has a set of characteristics and should be used for his specific purpose. The profiles can vary according to the type of platform chosen when you start the validation process.

DRIVER Guidelines

This profile allows you to validate the resource according to the DRIVER guidelines. Oriented to the interoperability of repositories, it can also be used to make a journal more uniform and consistent with the repositories. This profile should be used for the integration of resources at Search Portal RCAAP.

OpenAIRE Guidelines

The OpenAIRE profile filters all records of your resource and retrieves you a list of publications identifying European Commission funded content under FP7 or Horizon 2020 program. OpenAIRE guidelines set out the corresponding Portal aggregation of all Open Access content plus funded content, nevertheless this profile specifically works to identify EC funding publications. More information on http://www.openaire.eu.

Funding Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (FCT)

The FCT profile returns a list of publications that have associated funding from the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). The listing is then organized by the project identifier. See more information on monitoring the FCT policy on the website RCAAP.

Thesis and Dissertations (TID)

This profile identifies doctoral thesis and dissertations based on the document type information and validates a number of other aspects related to the legal deposit. View more information on the project website RCAAP.

RCAAP portal

This profile validates the resource content according to the aggregation policies of the RCAAP portal, available on the RCAAP project website.

Embargoed Access

With this profile, to information curation purposes, it is possible to list all files that have an access type designated Embargoed Access.

Embargoed Incoherence

The profile Embargo Incoherence allows the listing of documents in Embargoed Access that don't have date, or it is in an invalid format, or it is a past date and the record needs an update.

Files and Formats

Validates the files associated with a resource. It identifies and characterizes the resource for the purpose of digital preservation, for now only available for DSpace repositories.